Yummy Dogs is an original New York style hot dog cart proudly serving Sabrett hot dogs. We have the regular Sabrett hot dog and a jumbo spicy dog. We also have the ‘Sabrett Onions in Sauce’ and ‘Spicy Brown Mustard.’ (These condiments are available for purchase to take home)

Fresh Roasted Coffee

For all of you coffee connoisseurs we also serve fresh roasted coffee on a daily basis.
Yummy Dogs also does special events and birthday parties. Please call for more info.
You can follow us on Twitter at yummydogz

History - Established in 2012

Yummy Dogs was originally Rainy Day hotdogs many years ago at the exact same location. Eventually that owner sold it and it became Yummy Dogs. Its been on hiatus for about 5 years, but now its back and serving up great dogs.

Meet the Business Owner: Rick F.

A little about myself…I am a retired landscape contractor. I had to have brain surgery in 2008 and due to the stress of the business I retired from landscaping after 13 years. In October of 2012 I decided to buy my friend’s hot dog cart. Today, I am enjoying life and living stress free and I have a view of the ocean while meeting new people every day. Also, I am a coffee connoisseur and I roast my own coffee every day which customers can also enjoy… So please stop by and enjoy a Yummy Dog and grab a bag of fresh roasted homemade coffee.